• hard tangled grammar
    Sculpture by Stephen Williams
    July 11– July 27, 2014
    Opening Reception: Friday, July 11, 7 - 10 pm
    We are proud to present the first New York solo exhibition of work by Wayfarers alum, Stephen Williams.
    Williams is exhibiting a selection of mixed-media sculpture that have the presence of
    artifacts - if artifacts were made in the present as way to establish a living relationship with the past. These are carefully and often impractically crafted works, fabricated from some combination of cardboard, joint compound, epoxy resin, wood, Bondo, plaster and plastic. The pieces function representationally, employing recognizable forms such as bird decoys, flowers, and fruit to loosely reference traditional craft or to allude to cultural heritage. The work remains removed from the substance of those references and allusions, though, allowing the pieces to resonate in the moment with their own quieting power, rather then project a historical echo.
    The artist describes this body of work as a “melting pot of disjointed, disharmonious tunes” sharing “a need to exist.”
    Stephen Williams was born in Virginia and attended Virginia Commonwealth University for Sculpture and Photography. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn.
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  • Wayfarers is a Brooklyn-based studio program that offers qualifying members private studios, access to a woodshop and a solo-show (or the option to curate a show) in the on-site gallery. 

    There is room for 10-20 members at Wayfarers, and the goal is to keep membership as cheap as possible so we can hand pick really good people making really good work.  We’re hoping to develop a small community of makers who will champion each other and kick each others’ asses.
  • Wayfarers presents 10-12 exhibits a year. They are a combination of curated projects, solo shows by former artists in residence and group shows. All exhibits are free and open to the public 1 pm - 5 pm on Sundays, by appointment or by chance.
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