• Hey Friends!
    I just wanted to take a minute to personally invite you to join us for our holiday party and annual member show on December 12th.  We moved into what is now Wayfarers five years ago in January. Back then, the place was a bleak and daunting shell with a dark and menacing basement. Now it’s a warm and lovely hub of wonderful people making fascinating things. And we’re feeling really grateful.
    We want to use our annual member show reception as a holiday party to celebrate everyone who helped us scrape paint or sand floors or build walls, and to recognize everyone who has graced us with their energy in our studios or with their work in our gallery since we first rolled open the gate in 2011. And we also want to use this opportunity to thank you, dear person reading this note, for your ongoing interest in and support of Wayfarers.
    Please join us for the reception of Family Album, our annual member show. This year it’s been curated by the divine Candace Jeanne Moeller. We’ll have plenty of free drinks and holiday snacks and (finally!!) some fun Wayfarers souvenirs available for cheap. Members will have their studios open, so you can also add to (or start!) your art collection, or find very special holiday gifts for very special people.
    Opening is 7-10pm Saturday, December, 12th and, man… it would so great to see you.
    George and your pals at Wayfarers.
  • Wayfarers has shared and ghost spaces available now. If you know any good people making good work, put them in touch? wayfarersstudioprogram@gmail.com. Click on the "Studio Program" tab for more details. 
  • Family Album

    December 12, 2015 – January 3, 2016
    Opening Reception / Serious holiday party:
    Saturday, December 12, 7 - 10pm

    Wayfarers is pleased to present Family Album, the annual show of artworks produced by its resident and ghost members. Opening Saturday, December 12th, with a reception from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, the exhibition is a celebration of the artists who make Wayfarers happen. Featuring painting, sculpture, video, works on paper, photography and more, Family Albumreveals the breadth of work being created by this close-knit Brooklyn community. The reception will feature an abundance of treats and holiday spirit, and many of the artists will be present. 

    The artists who work at Wayfarers represent a wide variety of styles and interests, making it impossible to classify them under a single theoretical construct. They are, however, unified in other ways. Whether they have been with the collective since the beginning or are more recent members, all Wayfarers artists rally around a shared mission to create and to learn from working with one another. For Family Album, the artists have been paired with one another and their works installed in twos. This arrangement aims to illuminate new visual and conceptual connections between artists who have worked alongside one another, but who have not necessarily seen their work displayed in its larger context. The installation also underscores the collective nature of the show, and the relationships that keep the 
    group together.

    An annual tradition, the Wayfarers member show honors its artists and their contributions to the organization. The success of Wayfarers is due in no small part to its members, and January of 2016 marks their fifth anniversary. Structured like a small non-profit, Wayfarers produces studio, exhibition and residency programming on tight deadlines and with limited resources. Their member artists—whether they are producing work in their studios, maintaining the building, or helping to install exhibitions—not only keep the lights on, but also add to the cultural economy of Bushwick and enrich their community. Family Album is an affectionate portrait of these generous and creative persons, as well as a testament to what can be accomplished by a group of people working together. 

    Participating artists include Patrick Barth, Charlotte Evans, George Ferrandi, Sara Jimenez, Julien Leyssene, David (Scout) McQueen, Maureen O’Leary, Hiroki Otsuka, Caroline Paquita, Pate, Allison Putnam, Netta Sadovsky, Janel Schultz, David Shaughnessy, Mike Taylor, and Keil Troisi. The exhibition is curated by Candace Jeanne Moeller.
  • Thanks to our own Janel Schultz for our BOS postcard design!