• Calendar of Upcoming Events
    Opening Reception
    Fri. 5/29. 7-10 pm.
    George Ferrandi: Star! Star! Star! Circle! 
    Marlowe Katoney: Survivor: Modern Times in Navajo Textiles
    (curated by Candace Jeanne Moeller)

    Bushwick Open Studios weekend:
    Galleries and all studios open. Plus Snacks!
    Friday  6/3. 7-10 pm.  
    Sat. 6/4. 12-6 pm.  
    Sun. 6/5. 12-6 pm

    Live performances after dark for audiences of 8 people at a time.
    9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30 on Friday 6/12 , Saturday 6/13 and Sunday 6/14.
    All 8 audience members are necessary for the performance, so advance registration is required.
  • Star! Star! Star! Circle!
    by George Ferrandi

    May 29th - June 21st
    Opens Friday, May 29th 7-10pm

    Performances after dark: Fri, Sat, Sun, June 12th, 13th, 14th
    Participation in the performance requires advance registration. Reserve your space here.
    Wayfarers is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by George Ferrandi. Star!Star!Star!Circle! includes an immersive, synchronized sound play, as well as sculpture, drawings, and cyanotypes on fabric. This show serves as an introduction to the artist’s work related to axial precession, a tilt in the earth's rotation that causes our pole star to shift over time. Regarding this new work, Ferrandi writes, “The fact that the North Star - what we literally consider our ‘guiding light’ – changes, is an allegory worth ritualizing. Our faiths falter, our parents die, but we look to a new star. I'm curious about how a transition of that scale will be marked, and think we should begin planning that party now!” Ferrandi puts this plan into action by first writing intimate myths to be associated with each of the stars that will eventually become the planet’s North or Pole Star. The sound play and the physical works in the exhibition function as introductions to this cosmological narrative and to each of those nine celestial characters.  

    Star! Star! Star! Circle! will be performed this summer on the roof of the International House of Japan in Tokyo, and in the fall at The Front in New Orleans. The project is made possible through the generous support of the Japan-US Friendship Commission and the International House of Japan.   
  • ON TOBY: 
    Marlowe Katoney
    Survivor: Modern Times in Navajo Textiles
    Curated by Candace Jeanne Moeller
    May 29th - June 21st
    Opens Friday, May 29th 7-10pm
  • We'll be keeping special hours for Bushwick Open Studios:
    Fri.  6/3. 7-10 pm.  
    Sat. 6/4. 12-6 pm.  
    Sun. 6/5. 12-6 pm.  
    All studios and Galleries open! Plus snacks!